About St. Francis Feline Fellowship Foundation

Founded in 2004, St. Francis Feline Fellowship Foundation is a volunteer organization that provides essential services for feral cats in Union Beach, New Jersey. St. Francis works to:

• Develop and promote safe, non-lethal, and humane control programs for free roaming cats.
• Educate about the necessity for and benefits of the humane management of feral and stray cats.
• Encourage individuals and groups to implement feral cat Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return (TNVR) programs in their neighborhoods.
• Provide information to community members regarding the humane trapping of feral cats.
• Disseminate information to local government regarding the proper, long-term management of felines in feral cat colonies. Feral cats are to have access to food, water, shelter, and appropriate medical treatment.
• Attempt to "re-home" or arrange for the adoption of any socialized stray cats that are caught during humane trapping.
• Secure funding to maintain the group’s activities.

Volunteers of St. Francis FFF assist local residents in trapping stray/feral cats for the purpose of low-cost spay/neuter and then return the felines to their original territory. SFFFF loans equipment (traps, cages, drop traps, transfer cages) to people who are willing to participate in feral population control and maintenance. This allows people to feed neighborhood cats without threat of over population. Each cat that is captured is tested for FIV and FelV, altered, given rabies and distemper shots and has their ear notched for future identification. This is at little or no cost to the participant.  One hundred percent of any and all donations is used for the care and maintenance of animals. There are no salaries. All participation is voluntary.



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